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What Guests Have Said 
What Homeowners Are Saying 
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"Since Jill Hollywood took over as our Operations Manager we have been exceptionally pleased.  The level of care and professionalism that Jill has provided has been head and shoulders above any prior Vacasa manager we've ever had!  As an example, a recent booking at our house broke into the owners closet.  Jill advised us immediately, had the door repaired, and sent pictures of the contents in the owner's closet to ensure the important items were remaining. Other than the contents being a bit ransacked, it appeared that the important items remained intact.  I can tell you that it was truly appreciated that Jill had the wherewithal and concern for our house to correct the issue, advise us of the situation and follow up to ensure all was well. It was nice to have someone watching over our rental property that showed true concern."

Kevin & Michelle Welch

Owners of 7th Heaven at Harbor Hills


“Jill, Your commitment to detail is noticed and appreciated! It’s a compliment to all your organization, hard work, and patience that these particularly high maintenance guests are booking again next year! Thank you!  You've continued to work tirelessly to try and placate some very demanding guests and get the house back on track. I have nothing but praise for your continued work. ”

Andy Bugler

Owner of The Fairway View 

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"We had the pleasure of meeting Jill Hollywood when we signed up with Vacasa to manage our property on Longboat Key, FL. Jill was thorough and helpful during our onboarding phase. She was always attentive to our questions and ensured that our property and guests were well taken care of during their stay. Jill made herself available at all times and when there was a potential issue or concern, she addressed it immediately. Please feel free to reach out as we're happy to answer any questions on behalf of Jill's professionalism."

Yvette & Aaron Hoff

Owners of Longboat Pass Panorama

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"I would like to give a glowing recommendation for Jillian Hollywood. As the Vacasa manager for my condo on Longboat Key Florida, Jill was outstanding in all the myriad of responsibilities with maintaining my unit. She worked diligently to ensure renters had an outstanding experience, as well as troubleshooting any problems that arose. She is a very professional, warm individual, and easy to work with. As a busy pediatrician and small business owner with a staff of over 20 employees, she is the type of candidate I would hire! Any further questions please contact me directly."

Steven Schiz, MD

Owner of Cedar's East 

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"Jill, Thanks for always taking care of my special requests in services needed and planning for our condo. I always value communication and follow up in all my dealings, both with business and people. You have always followed up on my requests and communicated promptly with detailed information. It has been a pleasure working with you." 

Gary Warren, Owner of Heritage Oaks 2126

Heritage Oaks Golf & Country Club

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"In regard to the level of service we have received from Jill Hollywood, as our Vacasa Operations Manager, we've always been very pleased with the level of response from her. Any time we have had questions or problems, Jill has always responded accordingly and promptly. Jill also has provided us with contacts for service problems and has supplied us with local contractors. We have been very pleased with the level of service she has provided to us as homeowners." 

Tim & Peggy Marks

Owners of Riverpointe 1

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"Jill met with us right after we closed on our investment property in Bradenton, FL. It was our first time hiring a property management company for a short-term vacation rental. Jill was extremely knowledgable and client-focused. We explained what we were going to need from our agreement. She accommodated and communicated with us throughout the entire process of our relationship."

Michael Dunn

Owner of A Manatee's Retreat

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"Jill, I can say without hesitation that YOU have earned my trust!  I appreciate all that you do for me in protecting my investment property. Thank you for being there to listen to my concerns and for always taking immediate corrective actions. Since I am not local, I always appreciate your due diligence and quick response time to my questions! Even the little things you do, like running over to check on my newly potted plants and sending me a picture to let me know how they look on my new patio. That kind of service is really appreciated! I can say emphatically that you are a rock star!! You are the reason I stay with IVP!"

Tracy Adkins

Owner of Sea Pirate 6

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"Jill - We wanted to thank you for keeping our investment property looking nice & clean during this busy rental season on Anna Maria Island. We’ve had a lot of trouble in the past with the previous property maintenance/cleaning crews, but the initiative and effort you took to hire the necessary team really shows! For years it was a constant worry on what would we find during high season, but with you and your team on board - it’s been easier every time we come to return. Thanks for always listening and making it happen! Keep up the excellent work!"

Kristina & Greg Reynolds

Owners - Villa Marisol

What Colleagues Are Saying
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"I have had the pleasure of working with Jill in an interdepartmental capacity, Operations & Finance, for nearly a year and a half. From the day she arrived, her professionalism and drive were evident in her focus and attention to detail. Jill is organized and attentive, asked in-depth questions. She is well-qualified to manage, improve, and grow a region/market; with success in achieving OKRs and improving NPS scores while staying on point with desired metrics. 

She worked remotely and was innovative in resolving crises and de-escalating unexpected situations, making her market stronger and more stable. She is articulate and well-spoken. When she asks a question, you never have to give her the answer twice. She assimilates that knowledge and implements it immediately. Jill is a quick-thinking, independent and very capable manager, a hard worker, and an asset to any company with which she is associated.".

Heidi Skjordahl

Vacasa Senior Finance Coordinator

Cindy Jones.jpeg

"Jill is a very dedicated hard working individual that I had the pleasure of working with the last few years, detailed and dedicated to achieving the highest level of management for owners & guest."

Cindy Jones

Vacasa Tour Ops Specialist

Mag Maids.png

"Jill has been amazing to work with and continues to go out of her way to assist all her cleaning teams. From day one she's been on top of everything! Overall, Jill maintains the highest standard of work ethic that I have ever seen in my 17 years in the Hospitality Industry."

Sergio & Claudia Avellanda

Co-Owners, Magnificent Maids

Fresh Spot.JPG

"Having worked with Jill, as the IVP Director of Housekeeping and Owner Services, our Fresh Spot team has consistently had a great professional relationship with her. Our team sincerely appreciates Jill’s has always maintained a high level of professionalism, good communication skills, and pays special attention to detail. As outsourced vacation rental cleaners, we are well aware that our work reflects on her and Island Vacation Properties; consequently affecting the owner and/or guest satisfaction rate. She is a dedicated, organized, and supportive team player."
Juliana & Andrea Botero

Fresh Spot Owners

Estella Freeman.jpg

“Since working with Jill at IVP, we have been very impressed with her ability to communicate and be supportive. She is available to answer any questions concerning cleans and rental properties. If she does not know the answer, she will send us in the direction of someone who does. Jill is quick to respond when there is an issue, and empowers us with feedback. We feel she has our backs and wants the best for our team, as well as the other teams who work alongside IVP.”

Estella Freeman

Estella Freeman, LLC 

“Jillian gets it!  She makes things happen in the marketing world. I highly recommend her services.”
Dave Kauffman

Creator of,

Talk Show Host, "The Empowering Small Business Radio Show"

"Have had the pleasure of working with Jillian on several occasions. She is an extremely hard worker and has a creative approach to her duties. She is a great communicator and always focused on completing her projects. I would recommend Jillian and her work to anyone looking for an outstanding Marketing Professional."

Mark Plourde

Director of Professional Services


Troy Peterman.jpg

"Jill always has her pulse on marketing! She consistently and organically keeps PayServ Systems on the front page of Google!"

Troy Peterman

Senior Vice President

PayServ Systems

"Jill has the expertise, experience, creativity, and compassion to provide customer service excellence. Having worked with her directly, I've experienced first hand how she applies her talents to not only fulfill but go beyond the expectations of the Newby sales team and our residents."

Mary Blair

Newby Property Management 

“Jillian Hollywood is a very innovative and creative individual who has the capacity to think outside the box when developing new marketing strategies for your organization!! She is a must hire!”       Nancy J. Niles, PhD, MBA, MS, MPH

Rollins College


"I've had the privilege of working with Jill at both the corporate level as well as the non-profit level. She encompasses a unique talent in that she can serve in all business and marketing areas."

Heidi H. Florez

HR Manager

Rotech Healthcare


"Jillian is great at developing strategies for companies itching to grow their digital footprint. She has experience managing budgets and growing those who work alongside her to maximize the group's potential marketing power and produce sales. She is a fantastic teammate with a bright future ahead of her. If she can sell mobile homes to seniors using Facebook, she can help ANYcompany excel!"

Nathan Funderburke

Team Lead/Senior Web Developer


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