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Is Your Small Business Ready To Hire a Strategic Marketing Consultant?

A strategic marketing consultant is a skilled marketing professional with a strong background in a wide range of projects, including but not limited to: organic optimization, paid search marketing, blog implementation, content management as well as SEO link building. By using analytical and research skills they are able to identify potential growth opportunities for clients. These opportunities are determined after careful and thorough analysis of the current business situation and status of the company, considering its position in the industry and evaluating strengths, weaknesses and available resources.

The work of a skilled marketing consultant is a careful blend of leadership and advisory roles, with the ability to be both extremely analytical and creative simultaneously. They have the challenge of quickly and accurately assessing client websites and business situations while accurately drawing on particular weaknesses which may affect the business, ranging from customer satisfaction, competition, market trends, technological innovations and environmental factors. In addition to developing both short and long term action plans, it's the marketing consultant's task to ensure that targets are met, benchmarks are created and the company's mission statement doesn't become diluted in the process.

Executing the marketing strategy is a delicate operation and requires someone who is able to oversee progress, embrace the plan and reshape as needed. Hiring a marketing consultant gives businesses access to incredible marketing insights and expertise for far less cost than it would be to retain a marketing professional full-time. Contracting with a marketing consultant to work on select projects either independently or in collaboration with in house employees works very well for both small and large businesses.

The best marketing consultants in the business are highly skilled in communications, psychology and business. They are trendsetters and innovative personalities who don't shy away from new technologies. They prefer out-of-the-box thinking and creativity to achieve the desired business objectives. These consultants offer insightful and thorough recommendations to improve technical design, content, on page and off page optimization elements. It’s not uncommon for strategic marketing consultants to wear several hats at once. Consultants are specialized in a variety of areas such as: small business advisory, digital media, corporate branding, strategic analysis, social media, budgeting, content management and new client acquisition.

I'M A STRATEGIC MARKETING CONSULTANT AND I WANT TO HELP YOU! Find out more about me, my services, web, marketing and successful advertising projects I’ve worked on, and why you should hire me as your strategic marketing consultant. Contact me now at 941-545-2033 or drop me an email and we can setup a time for a free initial consultation to discuss your business and goals.

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