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Manadatory ACA Compliance

The Affordable Care Act can be confusing for some business owners. Captain PayServ, the ACA Expert you need, is here to address all your questions to give you streamlined reporting for your business. PayServ utilizes fully integrated cloud-based technology to generate ACA Service Kits that will simplify your tax reporting this year. We can provide you with year-end reports and monthly maintenance reports to keep you in compliance with the ACA.

Additionally, you will have dedicated access to your ACA representative, who will guide you and answer your questions, all along the way. This provides you and your tax preparer unlimited access to this time saving compliance data! Reporting fees will apply.

  • ACA Employee Information Report: Designed for HR maintenance and accurate employee data reporting. It includes date of hire, termination, rehire, first check, last check as well as number of weeks worked. It also indicates those employees who have met the seasonal employee requirements.

  • ACA Employer Shared Responsibility Report: Generates full time equivalency (FTE) count for corporate tax reporting. It has a minimum 6 month look-back period. Your tax preparer will need this!

  • ACA Measurement Period/Stability Report: Utilizes date flexibility to measure new hires’ benefit eligibility. Designed to have a set look-back period and be delivered as part of the payroll process.

Don’t forget! You may be eligible for a tax credit if you have less than 25 employees. Call PayServ Systems today for details!

ACA Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Report: Calculates a full time equivalency (FTE) count as it pertains to the SBHC tax credits for those small business owners who provide health coverage to their employees. It’s also designed to use a 1 year look-back period. Your tax preparer will need this!

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