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Recruitment in Today’s World


Recruiting is a heavily involved process that drives many decisions of business organizations. Once upon a time, finding candidates meant placing a job description… and then waiting and waiting. Today, however, recruitment is has changed. The recruitment process has most certainly evolved over time, in addition to the development of new technology and transitions.

Jobs have changed now, more than ever, openings in fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics are dominating the global marketplace. In fact, the Bureau of Labor & Statistics believes that the workforce will total more than 8.65 million workers by 2018. Job candidate expectancies are rising concerning the frequency, pace, and transparency of communication in the hiring process as a whole. Unfortunately, the recruiting world has been slow in keeping up with the increasing tide of expectations. Fresh research displays a gap between recruiters and job seekers, regarding the tools they use to find each other and what quality talent procurement experiences look like. As businesses attempt to navigate the changes caused by shifting age demographics, technological advancements and the move towards a consumer styled approach.

Job seekers and their behaviors have certainly changed. Research shows that Generation Y workers will change jobs every 3 to 4 years because they want more from employment than just paycheck and benefits. Technology has changed. Advancements in SaaS platforms, mobile technology and social media have provided companies with an immense new variety of recruiting tools.

At PayServ Systems we realize that each of our clients is unique, has a unique set of requirements so we encourage you to give us a call so that we may show your our detailed recruitment and staffing processes. Not only do we target active job seekers, we also lure in passive prospects too. Our recruiting technology allows us to have the right information assessable for fast and easy decision-making. We can effortlessly trace our candidates back to the original source of where they came from. We track which sources provide the highest quality candidates. We are mindful of ongoing communication with prospects, and their engagement activity, whether they have applied for a position or not.

PayServ has real time flexibility, which enables us to generate and easily send custom reports that reflect the status of any time period, job position or any channel. Our seamless integration allows a simple and easy flow from recruitment into applicant tracking for the hiring managers. Applicants can simply complete applications for multiple positions as well as sign off on background checks. All applications flow directly to hiring managers where applicants can be moved through the hiring stages. Communications can be sent out to the applicants to notify them of their specific stage in the hiring process as well as to schedule interviews. Once an applicant is hired, their employee record is populated with all their information provided on their application thus reducing key-strokes.

How do you proactively recruit candidates?

  1. Social Recruiting – Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn and establish a presence there. Actively engage online by posting content regularly. Be engaging and thoughtful.

Did you know that job seekers nowadays must have a social media presence. According to CareerBuilder’s annual survey on social media recruitment, 35% of employers are less likely to interview applicants they cannot find online. In essence, lack of social media presence can hurt job seekers.

53% percent of employers use social networking sites in 2015 to research job candidates, up significantly from 43% last year and 39% in 2013.

“Researching candidates via social media and other online resources has transformed from an emerging trend to a staple of online recruitment,” Rosemary Haefner, Chief HR Officer, CareerBuilder Communication Campaigns

Meaningful, targeted campaigns allow prospects to view what PayServ has to offer. Do you have a current mobile campaign? Mobile recruitment has evolved through the development of new mobile-optimized applications. Smart phones and tablets that were once reserved for computers are now being utilized more than ever in the recruitment process. Mobile apps are being used to deliver candidate skill assessments and personality quizzes as well as arrange complex interviews. Mobile recruiting is now seen as more a part of the talent acquisition process and not a stand-alone category.

Due to the advancement of technology and the implementation of mobile devices and apps, job seekers want frequent, prompt, and transparent communication about their status throughout the application process.

Consider these statistics

  1. 73% of job seekers desire at least weekly contact throughout the application process.

  2. 58% of job seekers consider a reasonable timeframe between first interview and a job offer is 1 to 2 weeks.

  3. 1.7 is the number of phone interviews job applicants on average trust is a realistic number when first applying for a job.

  4. 2.2 is the number of in-person interviews job applicants an average consider a reasonable number when applying for a job.

  5. 3 out of 5 job seekers don’t feel the companies they have applied to have been responsive.

According to CareerBuilder, in 2012 nearly 1/3 of applicants reported that they were less likely to purchase a product from a company that didn’t respond to their job application. These perceptions about a company can do long lasting damage to an organizations brand, in addition to having a negative impact on the ability to recruit the top talent. Therefore, nowadays is it imperative to have successful methods of keeping and obtaining active as well as passive applicants. The use of social media, talent acquisitions teams and mobile recruiting are all a part of the process.

Contact PayServ today so we can assist you in obtaining the right candidates for you.

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