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Short-Term Rentals and Deep Cleanings. What are the benefits?

Do you own a short-term rental property? If so, then you’re probably heard the term deep cleaning before. Bi-annual deep cleans of your rental property have become a necessity not only for generating positive guest reviews, but for proper upkeep and maintenance of the rental property.

Deep cleans do much more than just make the home neat and tidy. They also eliminate the spread of bacteria and germs as a means to improve hygiene and air quality inside the home. Nowadays, COVID cleaning standards have become an everyday practice throughout the vacation rental industry. But, do you know what else is addressed during a deep clean?

Deep cleaning can help prevent long term problems from occurring

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces are needed to reduce the amount of dirt and bacterial growth. Typical departure cleanings don’t have enough time between each reservation to get into all the corners or under appliances, so built-up dirt, bacteria, and viruses can still be present. This can attract further germs and lead to the growth of mold, which could possibly spread and cause structural issues to the property.

A deep cleaning helps maintain a healthy living space The presence of mold, moisture, and poor air quality may lead to health issues. Changing air filters regularly must remain a priority when running a short-term rental property. Guests who claim their reservation produced an onset of poor health as a result of issues relating to the home could be costly. Deep cleanings aid in the prevention of mold and the spread of moisture. As the homeowner, evidence that you have performed a deep cleaning demonstrates that you take your responsibility as a landlord seriously and can help you in the event of a possible claim being made.

Deep cleaning sets a standard for guests Since the way we travel is different than ever before it’s important that we adhere to the mandatory safety guidelines that have been put in place since the pandemic started. Home cleanliness is of top concern to each guest booking a reservation. Enhanced cleaning practices are able to provide peace of mind. Additionally, guests are asked to rate the level of cleanliness in the home across each booking platform, and believe me, they are pickier than ever before. Deep cleaning allows you to complete a comprehensive inventory Following a professional deep clean, it’s advisable to do a preventative maintenance check. This allows for an inventory check as well as provides an opportunity to address any areas that may need some special attention or maintenance.


What should be included in a deep clean? Deep cleaning tackles stubborn areas that aren’t covered in a traditional guest departure cleaning

Deep Cleaning Tasks may include:

  • Cleaning behind kitchen appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher, and oven to get rid of grime, built-up dirt, and germs

  • Removal of any type of cleaning disinfectants to promote guest safety. A full refresh under the sink to get rid of any nasty odors and help prevent the build-up of moisture and mold

  • Cleaning inside the oven, including the glass door, to get rid of grease and prevent smoke and burning smells when the oven is in use

  • Getting rid of black stains and mold on the inside of window frames as well as sliding patio doors

  • Windows washed inside and out

  • Washing all blinds to get rid of dust and prevent them from sticking, thus giving them a greater life span

  • A full dusting of all decorative wall art, along with the corners in all rooms, and behind furniture to remove cobwebs and gathered dust

  • Descaling of tiled areas, faucets, baths, sinks, showerheads, etc. to leave them gleaming like new

  • Removing sticky stains from cupboards and other storage areas

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