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The COVID Reset in the short-term rental world

Each traveler has their own particular needs; therefore, a STR property management’s goal is to deliver a property that’s meticulously cleaned, visually appealing, and maintained properly. Those that are successful in this quest actively pursue making improvements to their daily operations, in order to enrich the guest experience, offer value, and increase bookings. Property Managers have had to adapt to

the ever-changing rental climate. We are now known as Hospitality Providers, rather than simply Property Managers.

As a short-term rental professional, I am eager to continue cultivating positive rental success for all my homeowners. This state relies heavily on the tourism industry, and my goal is to foster a positive financial impact, whether we are in a global pandemic or not!

I thought I’d share with you some recent industry news that’s affected not only short-term rentals as a whole, but how management companies have updated certain policies & procedures in an effort to maintain a successful rental program.

Prior to the pandemic, everyone had their vacations planned out accordingly. Families had already worked around school calendars, youth sports, and summer camps to fit vacationing in their already bustling schedules. However, times they-have-a-changed! The COVID Reset is now in full effect.

As we’re now mid- 2021, we’ve all had to adapt to a “new normal.” The vacation and hospitality industries have had to get creative in order to join the COVID Reset movement. This reset comes about with an explosive new wave of innovation and forward-thinking. We’ve proven that nothing can disrupt travel and vacation rentals for long! Vacation rental teams across the globe are always looking to find ways to solve problems. The industry worked together despite furloughs and job reductions, and companies worked diligently to keep as many employees as possible during this uncharted pandemic territory.

This COVID Reset enabled the short-term rental industry to collectively pool its knowledge and resources to save the industry as a whole. Management companies have had to quickly adapt to newly initiated customer service protocols as an effort to provide contactless check-ins, they’ve implemented mandatory CDC cleaning standards, and many have created safe new virtual workspaces - for those guests wishing to take a workcation.

Now that we’re steadily moving through July, successful management companies have initiated ways for guests to arrive and depart without having to make physical contact with anyone. This can be completed without sacrificing any of the grand hospitality and service that guests have come to know and expect from you.

Where will the COVID Reset take us next? What we firmly know is that the vacation rental industry is resilient and extremely adaptable to changing conditions and situations. This industry excels in building forward-facing technology, while constantly being revamped and upgraded to maintain the highest efficiency standards.

When vacation rentals originally burst onto the scene, no one knew the magnitude of how they would move to the forefront of travel, but the COVID Reset has shown that there is virtually no part of the economy that cannot quarantine work, school, or study in a vacation rental. Many individuals are choosing rentals simply for a change in scenery from their homes, and may prefer this type of accommodation in lieu of resorts or hotels.

That being said, I look forward to continuing to educate you on the ever-changing, ever-expanding news within the short-term rental industry!

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